Sports regulations

Special conditions for sports tickets at RoyaleClub
1. It is not allowed to place bets over € 10 in just one match, when the odds are lower than 1,400, in which case, tickets containing only one match will be canceled and the money will be transferred back to your RoyaleClub account (without withdrawal opportunities).
2. It is not allowed to place bets over € 100 for only one match, when the odds are lower than 1,500, in that case, tickets containing only one match will be canceled and the money will be transferred back to your RoyaleClub account (without withdrawal opportunities).
3. It is not allowed to place bets over € 1,000 for just one match, when the odds are lower than 1,600, in which case tickets containing only one match will be canceled and the money will be transferred back to your RoyaleClub account (without withdrawal opportunities).


Rules for preventing gambling addiction
The rules followed set out below can lead to one that is joyful and without anxiety:
1. Start playing only when you are calm and focused.
2. Determine for yourself in advance the amount of monthly money you can spend on the game.
3. After setting a maximum limit, do not increase it further.
4. Before you start the game, determine the maximum amount won, after the achievement of which you must stop playing.
5. Determine the amount you can afford to lose in advance.
6. Do not start playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
7. Do not start playing in a state of depression.


Irregular behavior in the game
What is irregular behavior in the game?
A problematic behavior in the game is considered to be such behavior which interferes with the way of life, work, financial position or health of a person or his family. Prolonged participation in games is counter-indicative of such a person as it can lead to negative consequences.
In 1980 the Game Pathological Addiction has been officially recognized and recruited in the list of psychological diseases of the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. It is defined as time, repetition and often amplifying the tendency to play, despite existing negative personal and social circumstances, such as debt, breaking family relationships and delays in professional growth.


Cases of gambling addiction
It is necessary to note that gambling addiction diagnoses can only be qualified by experts. The material presented on this website will help you to evaluate and determine your own behavior in the game.
The particular danger of addictions that are not related to every substance is that it is very difficult to draw the line between pleasure and addiction. However, there are some diagnostic signals that can highlight existing problems. In the presence of at least five of the following symptoms, the likelihood of severe addiction is high:
1. The player is deeply involved in gambling, all his thoughts are on the game only.
2. The amount of bets increases over time.
Attempts to quit or control his participation in the games appear to be unsuccessful.
4. When limiting his participation in gambling, a person experiences irritation and frustration.
5. Play is a way to escape from problems or embarrassment.
6. The player tries to win back the lost amount,
7. Stands for his game behavior,
8. Performs illegal actions,
9. Breaks or breaks relationships with family and colleagues,
10. Borrow to participate in games.


Responsibility for problems
RoyaleClub offers a variety of games and bets which are forms of entertainment for most customers. At the same time the company takes responsibility for its customers by providing support and tools for maintaining a safe and pleasant environment, taking into account the associated risks.
Customers who have difficulty assessing risks, recognizing their limits or those suffering from gambling addiction are not able to enjoy our product line-up responsibly and perceive it as a form of entertainment. RoyaleClub takes responsibility for such users by blocking their access to its products for their protection.


Protection of minors
RoyaleClub does not allow minors (persons under the age of 18) to participate in games and place bets. This is why confirmation has reached the age of majority and confirmation of date of birth are mandatory requirements during registration. RoyaleClub takes the issue of minors by participating in games and betting very seriously. In order to provide the best possible protection to minors, we also rely on the support of parents and guardians. Please keep your login details in a secure location (user ID and password).
Furthermore, we would recommend that you install the filter software. This software will allow you to restrict access to Internet resources unsuitable for children and adolescents.


Responsibility in the game
RoyaleClub is committed to promoting responsible gambling among its customers, as well as promoting problem gambling awareness and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.
RoyaleClub Responsible Gaming Policies define the commitment to minimize the negative effects of gambling and to promote responsible practices.
RoyaleClub supports the generation of online players by offering them a wide range of games and endless fun. We also take absolute responsibility for the products we offer.
The purpose of RoyaleClub is to offer the safest and most innovative platform in the world of online games and betting. The products offered clear and safe allow every user to play within his financial capabilities and get the highest quality service. Integrity, fairness and reliability are the guiding principles of RoyaleClub's work. It is therefore clear that RoyaleClub should do its utmost to avoid and reduce the problems that may arise from participating in gambling, especially in cases of excessive gambling. At the same time, it is important to respect the rights of those who participate in gambling to a reasonable extent, for reasons of entertainment.
Responsibility for gaming at RoyaleClub is based on three basic principles: Safety of the player, Safety of the game and protection against gambling addiction. Together with research institutes, associations and institutional therapies, we work to create a responsible, secure and reliable framework for online gaming.


Player safety
RoyaleClub takes responsibility for the safety of players through without hesitation. The protection of players is based on the prohibition of the participation of minors from participation in games and the protection of privacy, which includes the responsible processing of personal data and payments. The fairness and casual nature of the products offered are closely monitored by independent organizations. Marketing communication is also geared towards player protection: We promise only what players can get in our transparent compliance.